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web3 hackathon

April 27th, 2023. 


Join the Blockchain Lab at UF and University of Belgrade for our first

Web3 Hackathon


NFT Contest 2023

March 21st + April 20th

Join the Blockchain Lab at UF for our first NFT Contest! Mint an NFT with original artwork!

BootCamp Background2.png

blockchain bootcamp 2023.

Blockchain Bootcamp 2023 is a unique opportunity for all students to learn about the application of blockchain in different e-business ecosystems and gain experience in coding with the newest blockchain technologies such as Reach, PyTeal, and Algorand.

Bootcamp will be organized by Blockchain Laboratory at FOS and Blockchain Lab at UF.


Read more and sharpen your skills prior to the event by registering for our Reach/ PyTeal bootcamp here: 

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